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Kids and Families Matter

Professional, Experienced & Supportive Services

Kids and Families Matter Program for Supervised Time Sharing and Monitored Exchanges

Supporting Families as a part of the solution.

Professional Services to Support your Family.

Why do I need Monitored Exchanges?

There are many reasons that a judge may order Monitored Exchanges for a family:

  • To help reduce conflict between parents;
  • To help reduce parental conflict in front of children.
  • To give a parent a chance to address specific issues;
  • When there is a history or allegations of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, or substance abuse.

What are Monitored Exchanges?

Monitored Exchanges take place when two parents have been court ordered to exchange or share time with their children. This is the process where the children move between one parent and the other.

Monitored Exchanges are ordered by the court and generally occur on Friday evening and Sunday evening. There is no contact between parents.

A court order usually specifies the time and duration of the visits. Sometimes, the court order will also specify who will provide the monitored exchange services, who will pay for the services, and where the exchanges will take place.

The parties have staggered times for arrival and departure for the safety of all and to limit communication between the parents in front of the children.

What is the Job of the Monitored Exchanges Monitor?

The Monitor is there to make every effort to keep the exchange

free from any unnecessary stress for your child, helping parents to support their children during exchanges.

Where is the monitored exchange service conducted?

Monitored exchanges take place at a variety of locations, including Kids and Families Matter's office off of SR 70 and I75 in Lakewood Ranch. The exchange location is determined by staff and parents, always keeping the best interest of the children in mind when scheduled.

Locations are always child-friendly, safe environments.

When can I begin services for the exchange of my child/children?

Kids and Families Matter Monitors set up monitored exchanges as ordered by the court and can begin once a court order and intakes are received and are completed.

Depending on the specifics of the order, and the availability of staff, the parties generally exchange on Friday and return for the monitored exchange on Sunday.

Will I have to see the other parent?


Is there a cost for monitored exchange services?

There is a onetime $50.00 intake fee per parent.

Exchange fees are discussed upon contact with Kids and Families Matter and start at $35.00 an exchange.

What safety precautions are in place?

The party’s arrival and departure times are arranged with safety in mind. Parents arrival times are either staggered or overlap, so the parties do not interact with each other. Two separate waiting areas are available to facilitate the exchange.

When necessary, and based on the family's assessment, security may be present.

How do I get into the program?
Contact Kids and Families Matter at 941-527-7500.

How often can we exchange our child/children?

Kids and Families Matter are prepared to support your family and your children's needs, and are available daily, bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly to provide supportive services.

Can I do an exchange during the week?


Is the program ever closed?

Yes, the program takes Holidays off; however, when scheduled in advance, services can sometimes be scheduled on and around Holidays.

Is a report created by the staff? If so may I obtain copies of the report?

Kids and Families Matter offers reports as requested for a fee.

Will there always be a staff member present?


Can I keep my child/children overnight?

The parties are to follow the court order; if overnight visitations are ordered then the child is expected to stay overnight.

For situations where a child needs to be returned earlier than scheduled, please contact Kids and Families Matter and we will be happy to try our very best to accommodate you and your child as quickly as possible. We understand that sometimes we need to make changes to accommodate our children.

If a parent realized that they are going to need an earlier exchange, they should immediately contact the exchange monitor at 941-527-7500.

A message should be left if the monitor does not answer.

How long do we exchange this way?

The parties may exchange with Kids and Families Matter as directed by the court.

What do I do if I need to reschedule a monitored exchange?

The party requesting to re-schedule the appointment time for the exchange must call the Kids and Families Matter Program to work out a new day / time for re-scheduling.

What do I do if I am going to be late for an exchange?

If a parent realized that they are going to be late for an exchange, they should immediately contact the exchange monitor at 941-527-7500.

A message should be left if the monitor does not answer.

The monitor will attempt to contact the other parent to inform them of the later exchange. Changes to a scheduled exchange with less than 24 hour notice is subject to a change fee.

Are There Qualifications for a Monitored Exchanges Provider?

All providers off Monitored Exchange Services should meet minimum qualifications prior to providing services.

What are the Training Requirements for a Monitored Exchanges Provider?

Monitored Exchange Monitors are strongly encouraged to follow the training and education requirements of the Supervised Visitation Network. Click here to see the standards for supervised visitation and monitored exchange practice.


Choosing a Monitored Exchanges Monitor:

How Do I Choose a Professional Monitored Exchange Monitor?

Your court order, lawyer, or Family Court Services office will probably give you information about Monitored Exchange services and a list of monitors in your area.

If you didn't get a list or you want help to choose a monitor, here are some things to think about before choosing a monitor. Look at:

  • the Exchange monitor's experience working with families and children involved in the court system.
  • the monitor's compliance with training and education requirements;
  • the level of staff experience and expertise;
  • child abuse and criminal background (fingerprinting) clearance for staff; and
  • the Exchange monitor's reputation and good standing with their professional association, the court, and the community.

Also, you will have an in person meeting with the Exchange monitor.

Make a list of questions you have for the monitor and make sure you understand what services will be provided and what is expected of you. When you interview the monitor in person, discuss the monitor's qualifications, policies and procedures, such as:

  • Exchange Monitor's level of education and experience
  • Fees and method of payment
  • Safety and security measures
  • Program conditions and guidelines
  • Hours of operation
  • Rescheduling and No show fees.

If there are concerns about domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, or sexual abuse, choose an Exchange monitor who has been trained in these issues, and clearly understands the specialized knowledge and skills required for these types of cases. The use of a non-professional monitor in these cases is not recommended.

Kids and Families Matter

Supporting Families as a part of the solution.