Kids and Families Matter

Professional, Experienced & Supportive Services

Kids and Families Matter Program

Supervised Time Sharing and Monitored Exchanges

Kids and Families Matter: Supporting Families as

a part of the solution.

Fees and Payments:

Supervised Shared Parenting Time and Monitored Exchange Fees are determined after Assessment intake is completed.

Payments are due prior to services.

Payments may be made in cash, money order, through pay pal, or by check with 7 day advance payment.

Fees for Services include the following support:

Intake Assessment

Supervised Visitations

Monitored Exchanges

Supervised Visitations with Security

Supervised Visitation with Additional Supervision Monitor

Off Site Visitation Supervision

Detailed Reports

Court Summaries

No show

Rescheduling fee

Cancellation fee

Court Documentation

Court appearances

Collaborative meetings, including attorney calls, parenting coordinator calls, therapist calls, etc.

Additional services as requested.

Intake/Assessment prepayment.

Family $100.00 per parent and caregiver; $50.00 for child orientaion.