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Kids and Families Matter

Professional, Experienced & Supportive Services

Kids and Families Matter Program for Supervised Time Sharing and Monitored Exchanges

Supporting Families as a part of the solution.

Supervised Shared Parenting Time and visitation is a way for a family to a schedule of times that children and members of the child's family are to have regular contact. Visitation can refer to several different options and it all depends on the needs of the family and the circumstances of the family's case.

In addition to shared parenting time and supervised visitation there are other options as well to help a child feel connected with an absent parent.

Additional Types of Contact:

  • Phone Calls: Phone calls to birth family can also be supervised or unsupervised. This is done through the use of a speaker phone or the speaker setting on a cell phone, or the conference call setting on the phone. The supervisor listens to make sure that the conversation stays appropriate on both ends of the calls. The supervisor will monitor the amount of time the child is on the phone with parent and help them to end the call if necessary when the visiting time is up.
  • ZOOM Calls: Some families may choose to utilize ZOOM sessions as a way to help a child maintain contact with family including siblings who live in a different home-for time together or between regular in person visits.  These visits can be recorded for the family or the court when assessed as necessary and appropriate.

  • Skype: Some families may choose to utilize Skype as a way to help a child maintain contact with birth family in-between regular visits.

  • Face Time: Another way that some families may choose as a way to help a child maintain contact with birth family in-between regular visits is face time.

  • Periscope: Some families may have an event that their child is participating in that they wish that they could be at, but because of the supervision order, or a no contact order, or a location problem, they are unable to attend the child's event. In this case Face time or Periscope can be utilized for the parent to see what is happening at the event, even though they are not present. Sometimes that parent can chat and send messages to the child during the event, such as in between swim matches. The supervisor listens and holds the phone, taking the live video for the parent who is not present, allowing for the parent to see the event as it is occurring.

These services each have pros and cons; however, when added to a regular visitation schedule, it can be another demonstration to the child of the parent's care and concern for them, and it can alleviate a child's feelings of abandonment or fear of rejection during a time of change and crisis in their family.

The Kids and Families Matter program is able to help your family have supervised phone calls and supervised Skype time, meeting court orders of contact.

Out of State Parents

Children who live in a different state than one of their parents often have very limited interaction with their noncustodial parents. Kids and Families Matter can help with this. By utilizing technology, from the comfort of their home, Kids and Families Matter can facilitate contact and supervise the contact. This can give the custodial parent, and the non-custodial parent, a piece of mind that they can experience contact with their children in the safest most stress free environment as possible.

Reunification and Reintroduction Support

When a family finds themselves apart for an extended period of time, it is important that the family receives supportive services to help them with the reintroduction and reunification process. The impact of the loss of a parent or significant person can lead to feelings of depression, abandonment, and loss of self esteem for children. Helping children to understand and move into a new trusting relationship with the absent adult is possibly one of the most important times in the child's life.

Grandparent Support

Although Grandparents have no legal rights to visitation in the state of Florida, that does not erase the importance of ongoing relationships with family for children. Especially children going through transitions such as divorce or the loss of a parent. Kids and Families Matter will work at best supporting the efforts of families who would like to reinforce positive, supportive, ongoing relationships with their grandchildren. Kids and Families Matter would like to help families by providing information and support that can help the Grandparents who love children come together to create a cooperative and peaceful relationship that supports the very best interest of the children. 

Children in Guardianship

During difficult times the Court will often look to family members of Kin to help when a child needs a safe home to reside in if they cannot be returned to their parents home. As a Guardian a child is placed in the home for an undetermined amount of time, and it is considered the children's permanent placement unless some significant circumstances have occurred that would result in the Court taking another look at the child's possible placement with a parent. Guardians are not always relatives to the child, the child's teacher, pastor, close friends, foster parents, and other individuals that had a relationship may also be considered for the Guardianship status.

While in Guardianship, the parents of the child may be given the right to see and visit with the child via phone or in person every month. Please refer to the Courts last ruling and order provided to you at your last court hearing to determine any visitation and contact rights of a parent. When support is needed to help execute the court order, Kids and Families Matter is prepared to help arrange and assist the family in meeting the court order, and protecting the children's best interests at the same time.

Adoptive Children Support

Sometimes when a child is adopted, an agreement or arrangement is made concerning the biological parents having contact with the child. In these circumstances, sometimes it is helpful for a 3rd party to be involved to help the family execute the agreement. Kids and Families Matter understands the stress that may be occurring, and will work hard to help everyone find the best possible solutions and support for their children.

Last visits is also a service that the Kids and Families Matter program offer families. If your family is going through an adoption after a termination of parental rights, and if you need that "one last visit" to take place in a safe and supportive environment, we are prepared to help your family with this very important support.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kids and Families Matter to discuss any of the supportive services that you may feel would be helpful for your family.

Kids and Families Matter

Supporting Families as a part of the solution.