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Kids and Families Matter

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Supporting Families as a part of the solution.

Kids and Families Matter Program for supervised Time Sharing and Monitored Exchanges

What is the process of getting Supervised Shared Parenting Time set up?

Prior to the first visit, each parent will separately meet with the Supervision Monitor. The details of the case will be discussed as well as an understanding of the process.

A copy of the court order, as well as other documents may be requested prior to the intake interview.

A Flat fee for each parent (60 minutes per intake) is set and is non-refundable. An assessment will be completed and if your family is assessed as being appropriate for the services, visitation will be scheduled. You will also be asked to sign an agreement that you will follow and adhere to the program's terms and conditions for service.

Sometimes there are situations where the visitation monitor may need to meet with the child or children before the visitation. When this occurs a 3rd meeting will be scheduled to insure all efforts are made for successful visitations. An additional assessment fee will be charged in this circumstance.

What if my shared parenting time is assessed as needing additional monitors?

Some visits may be assessed as requiring more than one supervising monitor. For cases needing two or more supervision monitors, an additional fee will be charged per additional monitor and will be discussed prior to the visitation.

What if my child would like for our family pet to attend a visit?

Your children are experiencing numerous changes and losses all at once. Loosing their pet compounds their loss, putting them at risk of depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems. Kids and Families Matter understands that our relationships with our family pets is important, and it is for this reason when possible, we will try to accommodate your child's request to see the family pet, whether it be a dog, bird, fish or frog, Kids and Families Matter will do what we can to include your pet in your visit if requested.

What if my shared parenting time is assessed as needing security?

Supervised Visits are sometimes assessed as needing security present for the visit. An additional fee is required for visits that require additional security during the visit. Fees will be discussed prior to the visitation.

What if I want to spend my shared parenting time with my children offsite?

Off-site monitored visitations will, at times, be requested and may be assessed as appropriate. These visits will take place at venues mutually agreed upon by both parents and in accordance with the court orders. Common locations include parks, playgrounds, malls and restaurants. Hourly rate will range (depends on the special circumstances surrounding the case) and discussed prior to the visit.

Additional fees for mileage and off site services will be discussed at the time of arrangement.

Kids and Families Matter:

Supporting Families as a part of the solution.