Kids and Families Matter

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Kids and Families Matter Program information at a glance:


Kids and Families Matter

9124 58th Drive East

Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34202

Phone: 941-527-7500

Hours and Days of Support Availability:

We have families who visit one hour a month as well as families who we support their entire court ordered shared parenting time in the parents’ home from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening every other week.

We are available Monday through Friday as well as on the weekend. It is recommended to reserve times that you would like in advance to insure availability. 

Orientation and Intake:

There is a $100. per parent fee for the intake and orientation which will take 1-1.5 hours per parent. The orientation intake fee is the responsibility of each parent, unless otherwise court ordered or agreed upon by the parents.

Safety Assessment:

We do a full assessment for safety and make determinations of what needs to be set up to insure the best possible safety and support available for the family.

We have various security measures in place at our office and take any risk very seriously, and our safety assessment requires participation from both the court ordered parent and the care-giving placement parent. Our risk assessments are on-going, and we notify parents of concerns or any changes in our assessment of risk for the family.

We also work hard to create a respectful and inviting environment for the family so that the children and their parent can have the best time possible during a very difficult situation.

We are unable to offer off-sites for family's whom we have assessed as a risk.

Supportive Services:

We can provide a wide arrange of support to families, including onsite shared parenting time, offsite shared parenting time options, in-home shared parenting time, pet visits, monitored exchanges, virtual visits, and supported vacation services, as well as many other supportive options to assist families in moving through the court order to unsupervised timesharing as easily and quickly as possible.


The fees for services begin at $75. an hour. For families visiting multiple hours a week or month there is a possibility of a reduced fee available. The fees are the responsibility of each parent split between the parties equally, unless otherwise court ordered or agreed upon by the parents.

There is an additional cost if we provide support off-site, if it is necessary to have more than one supervisor due to the number of people in the visit, or if it is assessed as necessary to have security present

We are available on Holidays as well; and these days are booked sometimes months in advance so please let us know if you would like for us to hold a date for you as soon as possible. There is an additional fee for our Holiday rate.

Documentation and Court Support:

We are available to appear in court to provide information concerning services and support. There is a fee for appearance and court preparation.

We do take very detailed notes during each visit. Brief summaries and detailed reports are available for parents and attorneys at the parent’s request. We charge a fee for these reports based on the amount of time necessary to create the report. No matter who requests and pays for the report, both parents receive a copy at the same time it is released. 

All fees, unfortunately, must now be paid in advance of services.

Supporting families as they are moving through the Family and Dependency Court System.

We have successfully supported many families whom have been discharged or kicked out of other programs. However, it is imperative that both parents are in agreement with working cooperatively with the Kids and Families Matter program to create successful sessions. If either parent refuses to work cooperatively and agree to the program rules, then we would be unable to provide the safety necessary to assist with the court order and therefore would be unable to offer services for the family. We would at that point provide a letter to the parents to be utilized in court explaining why services are not appropriate for our program.

Staff Qualifications:

The Kids and Families Matter program has many strengths, and these include but are not limited to the creation of a respectful and controlled environment for the entire family, while providing the safest and most comfortable environment possible for everyone involved. The program was developed with the experience of over 35 years of supervised visitation and wrap around services that are future focused with goals to eliminate or reduce the need for restrictive and or in home family support.

All of our shared parenting time supervisors are masters level, or masters level candidates, are highly trained and supported, and provide ethical and caring services for the families that we work with.

I personally would be happy to speak with you about any questions or concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to continuing to provide respectful and professional support for families in our community.

Take care,

Pamela Gersbach, MSW

Program Director