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Kids and Families Matter

Professional, Experienced & Supportive Services

Kids and Families Matter

Fees For Services

Payments - Payment is accepted prior to service by cash, money order, cashier’s check, or credit card. Payment by check is accepted if made 1 week in advance of services [unless otherwise arranged]. 

Pre-payment is required 24 hours in advance for all services unless otherwise arranged.

Who is responsible for the payment?

Payment is the responsibility of the Parent receiving the Supervised Shared Parenting Time services unless:

  • otherwise indicated on the Courts order,
  • or unless otherwise agreed upon by both parents.

Payment for Monitored Exchange Services is the responsibility of both Parents unless-

  • otherwise indicated on the Courts order,
  • or unless otherwise agreed upon by both parents. 

We appreciate your trust in allowing us to support your family during this challenging time. We also appreciate that you keep your account paid in advance as per our agreement for services.

In the event that the parent deemed responsible for the services does not pay for the services, all services will be suspended and no further reports and or support will be offered until balance is paid in full. Attorneys and the Court may be notified of the suspended services.

Intake (non-refundable, paid at the time of intake):

$100. each per custodial and visiting party. $50. for child introduction if assessed as appropriate.

Supervised Shared Parenting Fees begin at $75. per hour.

Therapeutic Supervised Shared Parenting Sessions: Fees begin at $125. per hour.   

Therapeutic services are referred to contracted Master Level Therapist with knowledge and experience working within the Family Court System experiencing supervised shared parenting time and reintroduction visits.

The visits take place in the Kids and Families Matter offices unless otherwise arranged.

Offsite Supervised Shared Parenting session fees start at:

  • Additional $15. - $25. per hour plus travel premium.
    All Feels will be discussed during the scheduling of sessions. *Fees will include an off-site premium and travel premium assessed for session.

Monitored Exchange Fees: one-time exchange fees begin at:

  • TBD. – Friday, Saturday and Sunday exchange; start at $40.00 per exchange/ $20.00 per parent.
  • TBD. – Monday through Thursday exchange start at $35.00 per exchange/ $17.50 per parent.
    * Travel premium assessed for off-site travel, outside the exchange services area.

    The scheduling of multiple shared parenting time sessions or supervised exchanges on an ongoing basis may result in the possibility of reduced fees.    

Visit Documentation and Court Reports:

  • Brief report: Please discuss cost with monitor.
  • Summary of Visit: Please discuss cost with monitor.
  • Detailed Visit Report: Please discuss cost with monitor.
  • Summary of Monthly visit: Please discuss cost with monitor.
  • Other reports as requested; please discuss cost with monitor.

Court Report for confirmation of Parent efforts and services to date is also available for families to show the efforts that the parent has shown in attempting to abide by the Court's order. Please discuss cost with monitor.

Confirmation Reports- For information and confirmation of cost, please discuss with staff.

Attorney conferences via phone or in person- please discuss cost with monitor.

Intake and assessment must be completed prior to services being offered and confirmed.

After a change in circumstances, an assessment update may be requested.

Assessment updates require a $50.00 fee per parent.

All Fees must be paid up to date for services to be provided or scheduled.