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Kids and Families Matter

Professional, Experienced & Supportive Services

Are you ready to change your story?

Is it time to end all the stories you have been telling and begin to live as your authentic self?

Are you in transition?Ready to shift where you have been?

Are you like so many who have:

*tried over and over to change decades old patterns, behaviors, habits or addictions and constantly feeling stuck, frustrated and at a dead end.

*feel your past is still driving your everyday life and have begun to wonder if you will ever have the life you dream of.

*hear others talk about all your successes, and yet deep within you, you feel like a fraud?*want to know how to move forward in your life in all phases, spiritual emotional and physical?

*want to know how to move forward in your life in all phases, spiritual emotional and physical?Is it time to rejuvenate your spirit, increase your energy, new way of being and dive in to find your authentic life? 

Hi, I am Sangeet Ram, Ed.D, LMHC (MH11362 Florida)

My passion is to guide you in

~ Dropping your old stories, patterns and limiting beliefs

~ Breaking free from fear, feeling frustrated or stuck

~ Becoming happier in every aspect of your life

~ Rejuvenate your energy and creativity

~ Find your passion, joy, inner light and purpose.

I have guided many people as a licensed mental health counselor and coach helping them heal from the results of trauma, dysfunctional family and abandonment patterns, and limiting beliefs.

A few years ago, I recognized that the tools I had learned in psychology did not help everyone break free in dropping their old stories and limiting beliefs and patterns, become free of fears and find their authentic selves.

Truthfully, it wasn’t just my clients, I saw myself still being stuck in some old dysfunctional family patterns and beliefs. Intuitively, I knew every person is entitled to a life full of passion, joy and happiness. It was time to find it. I began my search and found not only a teacher and mentor but an amazing friend ( who has taught and shared with me Shamanic Energy Healing.

Today, I guide clients using all the tools and techniques I have learned with humanistic and positive psychology, family systems therapy, energy psychology and healing, and spiritual practices to guide you to dropping and changing your stories and to uncover your authentic self and begin to live the life you came to earth to live.

To learn more about me, explore my website

Contact me via: Email: Phone: 941-962-3306

I am accepting new clients for in-person sessions in Bradenton/Sarasota Florida, as well as clients via the telephone and Internet. 

I would be blessed to be by your side as you rewrite your story.


Current Services:Individual, Couple or Family sessions- 50-55 minutes in length.

Support Groups : telephonic